Coconut is considered a jewel of the tropics, as this delicious fruit has great nutritional potential. The content of the coconut can be used in many ways, either in a liquid or solid state.

It has also become the essential base for a wide variety of beauty products, including moisturizers, shampoos, and oils. In addition, its medicinal properties have allowed it to be included in pharmaceutical products.

Many people interested in the properties of this fruit wonder what diseases coconut prevents? Or what happens if I eat coconut every day? Here we will answer these and other questions.

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Coconut nutritional information

Quantity per 100 grams


Total fat: 33g

Saturated fatty acids: 30 g

Cholesterol: 0mg

Sodium: 20mg

Potassium: 356mg

Carbohydrates: 15g

Dietary fiber: 9 g

Sugars: 6g

Protein: 3.3g

Vitamin C: 3.3mg

Calcium: 14mg

Iron: 2.4mg

Vitamin D: 0 IU

Vitamin B6: 0.1mg

Vitamin B12: 0 µg

Magnesium: 32mg

What is coconut?

The coconut is the fruit produced by the coconut palm, a tree belonging to the palm family. This tree can be found in many areas of America, especially in coastal areas. This fruit has the following characteristics:

  • The rind is oval in shape and is usually green or brown in color (brown indicates it is older and may have dry flesh).
  • The shell is located under the bark. This is hard, round and brown.
  • The pulp is inside the rind. This is white and can have different thicknesses.
  • It is very likely that there is also only water inside, this usually happens when the coconut is new.

It should be known that; Generally, when the coconut has a very thick and hard flesh, it does not contain water.

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Medicinal Properties of Coconut

It has a wide variety of scientifically proven properties, which makes it one of the healthiest fruits.

A single coconut contains a high level of vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, fiber, phosphorus, and other minerals, making it one of the most beneficial fruits for health.

  • Strengthens the immune system. Saturated fats are ideal for strengthening the immune system of the human body. Coconut water has potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, folic acid.
  • Reduces the effects of diabetes. The components stimulate the absorption of insulin in the body, which is very beneficial for people with diabetes problems.
  • Promotes digestion. This fruit is rich in fiber, this is very beneficial for good digestion. Edible products made from this fruit greatly promote digestive health, among them the most effective are Siken Coconut and Banana Bars.
  • Protect the heart. It reduces triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and therefore blood pressure, which is very beneficial for the proper functioning of the heart.
  • It is detoxifying. It cleanses the kidneys and cleanses other organs of the body.

It should be known that it cannot be consumed every day, that is why nutrition specialists recommend a moderate consumption of it.

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Health Benefits of Coconut

It can be used in its different states. As a fresh fruit, its water and its soft or hard pulp can be consumed.

Additionally, products made from milk and oil can be used. These are some of the benefits provided by this exquisite fruit or its pharmaceutical derivatives. Coconut oil is also used for food, for baking and frying food.

It is an excellent energizer

Coconut water helps maintain the optimal hydration level in the body; especially in hot places. In fact, it contains more electrolytes than sports drinks.

On the other hand, the consumption of the pulp of this fruit promotes the use of fat as an energy source. In this sense, Coconut Bars are a perfect energizer, especially for athletes.

Skin Moisturizer

Due to its antioxidant property, the oil of this fruit is ideal for restoring softness and elasticity to the skin, especially in very dry areas of the body. The body cream is ideal for providing softness and hydration effectively.

Helps to lose weight

Coconut oil is less caloric than other fats. Also, this oil is not stored in the body and is quickly burned. Consuming it causes a feeling of satiety, which makes it an ideal complement to a healthy diet to lose weight.

Helps child development

It is ideal for the proper development of children's bones and teeth, as it contains a high content of calcium and vitamins.

Promotes intestinal transit

Water contains fiber, which contributes to intestinal transit and prevents constipation. It is an excellent depurative, eliminates toxins.

How is coconut used?

It has many vitamins and minerals, that's why it is used for different purposes. Hereinafter we will highlight the most common uses of this fruit.

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As food

This fruit can be consumed raw as fresh fruit, in drinks, in salty foods and can also be used in confectionery to make cakes, creams, cookies, preserves, among others. For this, grated coconut or coconut milk is generally used.


The oil of this fruit has moisturizing, antioxidant and astringent properties. Which has proven ideal for use in beauty products such as creams, perfumes, conditioners, scented oils and ointments.

As medicine

Since it is a fruit that has a wide variety of nutrients in large quantities, it has been used in the production of various pharmaceutical products.

Coconut Contraindications

There are many benefits, but this, like any other fruit, has contraindications.

  • Excessive consumption of water can have a laxative effect. Therefore, its excessive consumption is not recommended.
  • The consumption of the pulp for a very long period can cause an increase in body weight.
  • Some people may be allergic to some components. Therefore, consumption is not recommended in people with this type of pathology.
  • If coconut milk is consumed in high quantities and very frequently, an increase in cholesterol can develop in the body.
  • It is important to be careful not to take coconut water with medicines or plants that serve to lower blood pressure, as this combination could cause blood pressure to drop too low.


In conclusion, coconut is one of the best fruits in the world. Its great combination of nutrients have been included in different products, both for beauty and for health. Therefore, do not wait any longer to take advantage of the great benefits that it can bring!