Coconut is a delicious fruit to eat fresh. Its pulp can be enjoyed alone or grated for different preparations. The water found inside and the milk obtained from this food are also used.

Perhaps many times when we have seen it in the market, we are shy about buying it, due to its hard woody shell, firmly attached to the inside of the white and sweet meat.

So don't be intimidated by his exterior and not knowing how to crack the coconut. It is not as complicated as it seems. The first thing is to buy one that is fresh. The weight is fundamental, since it is juicier the heavier it is.

You should choose one that does not have cracks and that keeps the water inside. To check the latter, you just have to shake it. You also have to make sure that the "eyes", which are the holes or grooves, are intact and free of mold.


To split it, two holes must first be made in the place where it has the "eyes", using a strong or sharp instrument. It can be a screwdriver or a punch. It is then shaken to extract the water it contains.

Subsequently, it is placed on a smooth surface, and with the help of a hammer a sharp blow is delivered to the center of the bark. The coconut should easily break in half.

Take advantage of it

Once the liquid has been extracted and opened, the brown skin is removed with a sharp knife. The pulp can be consumed as is or grated, either for desserts or for different dishes and sauces.

Coconut water is refreshing. However, keep in mind that what is sold in stores is not always what is sold in stores. There are cases in which it is possible to extract the liquid from a mixture of grated coconut and water.

Coconut Water

Now, if you want to have coconut milk made by yourself and not bought in the supermarket, it is very easy to make it. It is obtained by crushing the pulp and pressing it with a little water. In this way you obtain a nutritious drink, which contains mainly sugars and a little oil.

Coconut Products

Another way is by grating the coconut mixed with boiling water, and then squeezing the mixture to obtain the milk. In case you want to make a coconut cream, it is the same procedure, but you add less water.